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Clinical Specialties, Inc - Value of CSI Network
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Value of CSI Network


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What types of services do you provide to Payors/clients?
    CSI offers Payors: reduced administrative costs through network management, credentialing/recredentialing, rate management, one point of contact for authorizations, billing/collections, and low denial rates. The healthcare services offered through CSI include:

    Healthcare Services (not all inclusive)
    Skilled NursingParenteral Nutrition
    Physical TherapyAntibiotics/Antivirals
    Occupational TherapyImmune Globulin
    Speech TherapyChemotherapy
    Medical Social WorkerHuman Clotting Factor
    Home Health AidePain Management
    Hospice ServicesImmunosuppressants

  2. Does CSI have the ability to perform delegated credentialing?
    Yes, CSI's network team credentials and re-credentials all agencies based on NCQA standards to assure the quality of the network.

  3. How does CSI determine who is qualified to participate in CSI's network?
    CSI makes its determination based on Payor needs within each geographic area. CSI carefully selects agencies/providers based on its strict quality requirements and right-sizes its network creating value to agencies that are in the network.

  4. Does CSI have a QI program in place?
    Yes. The overall goal of the QI program is to ensure the excellence of services provided by taking a proactive approach to reduce errors and risks by monitoring and evaluating the processes within CSI. Our processes are monitored and evaluated in accordance with current standards, patient satisfaction, patient needs and accreditation requirements.

  5. Does CSI Network Services monitor patient progress?
    Our Utilization Management nurses gather all information from the home care professionals and provide you with updates as needed. Our goal is to simplify the process for you and assure a successful outcome in care.

  6. How do you monitor your quality care and services?
    We have an extensive quality measurement program that includes tracking the performance of our contracted home care companies. This tracking includes: outcomes, occurrences, patient satisfaction, provider satisfaction, network utilization rate, efficiency of admissions process and various financial measurements.

  7. Does CSI provide education to Medical Management teams?
    Yes, CSI has a variety of certified educational programs available to your Medical Management team. A representation of these programs can be seen here.

  8. How do we contact CSI to discuss opportunities and benefits?
    You can contact CSI's Payor Relations Department at 888-873-7888 ext. 2243.
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