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If You Are A Patient

A team of health care professionals is dedicated to making your transition from hospital to home easy. Your physician has customized a home health care plan so you can continue your IV medications at home with the help of Clinical Specialties. As a leader in home infusion therapy, Clinical Specialties will provide your IV medications and supplies, as well as coordinate the home health care services you need.

What is Home Infusion (IV) Therapy?

Home IV therapy involves administering medication through the vein or intravenously (IV). Your physician prescribed IV medication because it is more effective than taking medication by mouth. IV therapy is a safe and effective alternative to inpatient care, with over 2 million patients receiving home infusion therapy every year.

What You Can Expect

Before you leave the hospital, Clinical Specialties will work with your physicians, home care nurse, and insurance company to coordinate your in-home care
  • Treatment Plan - Clinical Specialties will contact you to arrange home delivery of your medications and supplies, schedule the first visit from your home care nurse, and answer your questions regarding your treatment plan.
  • Home Delivery - Clinical Specialties' representatives will deliver your medications and supplies to your home. For your convenience and to respect your privacy, we will call first and arrive in an unmarked vehicle.
  • Nursing Care - An experienced, dedicated nurse will visit you in your home to provide the care you need as well as teach you or a caregiver how to administer your IV medications.
  • 24/7 Support - We will work closely with you, your physician, and home care nurse to ensure that you have all the supplies and support to be comfortable with your IV therapy at home. In fact, our pharmacy staff will call you regularly during your course of treatment to review your progress and be sure you have everything you need.

Home Infusion Therapy Methods

There are many different IV supplies used for home infusion therapy. The most common ones are listed below. A Clinical Specialties pharmacist and your physician will work together to determine what IV treatment method best meets your needs.

IV Push

Infusion time: 10 minutes
Delivery method: Pre-filled syringe

Elastomeric Devices (Intermate/ReadyMed, Accuflow)

Infusion time: 30-60 minutes
Delivery method: small plastic container

Pump (Curlin 4000)

Infusion time: Medication is dispersed frequently throughout the day
Delivery method: Pump that can be carried in a provided pouch

Gravity (Dial-a-flow)

Infusion time: 30-60 minutes
Delivery method: Medication supply is controlled by a dial that is part of the IV tubing. This method is gravity dependent and requires an IV pole.
Why choose Clinical Specialties?
We will customize a plan of care focused on your specific needs.

Locally based centralized clinical team assures coordinated care and quality customer service.

Our pharmacists and registered nurses are available to you 24/7.

Our clinical team is specifically trained to administer and manage your home infusion therapy needs.

We coordinate home infusion deliveries and administrations around your schedule.

We will work with your insurance to give you a clear understanding of any financial responsibility you may have.

Clinical Specialties will perform all eligibility and authorization functions necessary to begin your care.

We are dedicated to providing quality home health care and making your transition from hospital to home safe, comfortable, and easy. That's why we're here 24 hours a day to answer your call.

Any billing or insurance questions, please contact CSI Network Services at 888-873-7888.

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